The Outrageous Lifestyles of Musicians


Musicians are known to live very outrageously, some of them being downright rude and destructive, towards themselves and others, too. Many musicians are surrounded by myths and other stories, many of them exaggerated. Here are some stories about musicians which are downright outrageous.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy is one of those legends who comes with notoriety in the package. Why is that, you might ask? Well, Ozzy did a great number of things many other people would have never even thought of. He once bit the head off a bat a fan had thrown on stage. In his defence, he had no idea it was a real bat (who throws real bats?).

Another one of his stories takes him to the Alamo, Texas. Ozzy had a bad reputation with monuments and sacred places, being known to defile them. He once relieved himself on the Alamo, which understandably enough, upset a lot of people. He apparently had a riot on his concert in Texas. Some of this is true, some isn’t. He actually relieved himself on a nearby cenotaph, which is somewhat less disturbing. Regardless, Ozzy is quite the character, memorable for more than his iconic voice.

Keith Moon

Keith Moon is one of those rock stars who lived his life as rockstar, with lots of drugs and alcohol. He used to mix drugs and alcohol, which often got him into trouble. He collapsed on stage once, in 1973, and a guy from the audience came and replaced him for the rest of the set. The man’s name was Scot Halpin.

Moon also had a reputation for picking fights. He was hospitalized after one in 1967, leading to the rest of the band throwing a piano out a hotel window. They had to pay a fine of then 24,000 which is a lot more in today’s money.


Eminem had a troubled life, which is often heard in his songs. But, outside his music, he also did interesting things, one might say. He pulled a gun once, on his rival’s road manager, Douglas Dail, asking him: “you want some of this?”. The pistol in hand was a 9mm semi-automatic. That same night, Eminem, still angry, saw his ex with a bouncer. He threatened him, as well, but this time more directly, by saying: “I’m going to kill you!” The gun wasn’t loaded, though. He recalls these events in a song called The Kiss. He got probation for both the gun incidents.

Axl Rose

The stage was set at the Riverport Amphitheatre near St. Louis in 1991. Guns n Roses were having a concert. During the show, lead singer Axl Rose saw a fan with a camera taking photos and yelled at security to get rid of the camera. When nothing of substance happened, Axl dove into the audience and threw plenty of punches. Coming back on stage, he said: “Thanks for the lame-ass security, I’m going home!”

He followed up by throwing his microphone and leaving. The police had to use tear gas to get rid of the rioting crowd. Axl Rose was arrested and charged with assault.

Musicians are known to have tempers and do interesting things, and these are but some of them. More exist, some with even more troublesome incidents, but those are gory enough for a topic of their own.