Heavy Metal Genre: Why is It Underrated?


Music is often criticized by many people, especially if they don’t understand a genre or if it is foreign to them. Music genres are a way of categorizing music according to criteria which are typical for a certain style of music. Some genres tend to be more criticized than others and tend to be overrated at times.

Heavy metal is a genre which tends to be underrated. Heavy metal, like any other genre, has its own pros, plenty of them, in fact. Here is what makes heavy metal great and why people think it is underrated.

Athleticism on All Instruments

Heavy metal tends to be fast and tight. This means double bass drums, tight rhythmic strumming on a guitar, otherwise known as a chug, and a bass guitar, often played with a pick. Heavy metal songs do not need to be fast, but they typically are. Fast songs are hard to execute, even when the rhythm is simple. There is less room for error.

Typically, musicians versed in the heavy metal genres are masters of their instruments, in a certain way. Some people see this playstyle as rigid and crude, and that it lacks “feel”. The same generalizations can be made for any other genre, like rock being simple, blues revolving around two notes, and jazz being extremely complicated for no good reason.

Heavy Metal is Versatile

Heavy metal tends to be, well, heavy, but it is also very versatile. Bands like Judas Priest and Dream Theater are known for their variety in music, from slower songs to amazing powerhouses with rhythmic and key changes. Metal ballads exist and they are as interesting as they come. Every heavy metal band comes with its own set of trademarks, from amazing vocals to incredible riffs, rhythmic wonders, or a full blown orchestra, depending on the band. 

Versatility in a genre makes it stand out rather than the other way around.

It is Misrepresented

Heavy metal seems completely alike to most non-metal listeners, unless they are familiar with the sub genres and various bands. Heavy metal has many sub genres and not all bands are alike. Some have personas which are taken to the absolute extreme, while others just like to go on stage and rock out.

Heavy metal is often represented as being evil and loud, with lots of screaming. Some genres and bands do have screaming vocals while some bands challenge the status quo with interesting lyrics. The media does not help in portraying a complete picture about heavy metal.

Heavy metal, like most genres, can be underrated from time to time. It is a great genre of music, worth exploring completely, when one gets the chance. There are amazing songs and bands within the genre, so many that it would be pointless to name them all.