Can You Really Make Music Using GarageBand?


Technology has brought us amazing inventions. We have computers which we carry in our hands and which we use to make calculations every day. We browse the internet and we invest our time in technology, making the most out of our days. Some people prefer using their tech to be entertained through TV shows and movies while others enjoy online sports betting. Because technology is omnipresent, many people can be found using online codes in every part of the world. People from Croatia use online offers tailored to them, while people from Thailand use JBO Thailand offers. As certain offers are also omnipresent, it can be easy to imagine that almost everyone who is interested in this sort of entertainment has access to it. 

Technology also empowers artists. From what used to be extremely complicated, we arrived at a point where editing videos can be done on a mobile phone. Another piece of software that is also compatible with smartphones is called GarageBand. 

This program is meant for musicians and producers who want to start making their own music. Being free for Apple users, can GarageBand actually be used to make music? Yes, it can and here is how.

Why GarageBand?

When you pay a lot of money to purchase an Apple device, you get access to their software, some of it, at least. GarageBand is free with every Apple device, namely those that use macOS and iOS. The macOS version of GarageBand is more powerful, given that it runs on more powerful hardware. 

Even used Apple devices can run GarageBand, which means that one can purchase an Apple laptop or desktop and use it as a workstation to make music. GarageBand has more than enough features for music production, especially for a beginner.

The Interface

One should always familiarize themselves with the interface. Every software has a different interface and GarageBand is pretty easy to use, given that it was built to be beginner-friendly. You are met with huge visuals and short descriptions of what each button does. If that by itself is not enough, then there are plenty of tutorials that can guide you through the process. It is important to understand what features GarageBand offers to a musician and a producer.

The Features

When starting a project, there is a choice to record a track using a microphone, connect a guitar and use virtual amplifiers to record a track, add drum loops to help you find your rhythm and even plug in a MIDI keyboard and start playing and recording. 

There is an ability to use virtual keyboards, even simulations of popular synthesizers like the Minimoog or the Yamaha DX7.

Among the many guitar features, there are amp simulations from companies like Fender, Marshall and Orange, as well as a plethora of effects that can be added, such as modulation and delay effects and reverb, of course. Given the features, and there are a lot of them, making music is possible.

The Verdict

Since there is the ability to record vocals and to use virtual and real instruments, add drums and effects, then making a song is possible. Will it be the best tool for the job? No, it will not, but it will work fine for any Apple user who wants to try a good piece of software to make their own music.