Music can increase your performance while you exercise or play sports


We live in the day and age where we can basically keep track of everything. Various apps and devices can track our progress and convert it to numbers. Numbers make statistics, and we end up with charts and graphs that display how we are doing.

Music is one of the wonders that humans create and only recently did we manage to turn it into math. There have been dozens of psychological tests, and each of them displays only one thing — music makes our sports and exercise performance better. If anything, it makes our sporting experience more enjoyable – just like the game of our favorite team can be way more interesting if we bet on them online with bet365 codes.

The question arises itself — why does music affect people in that way? Let’s take a look at these four aspects that music can enhance. Read on!

Music affects your emotions

This one goes without saying. We all know that feeling of hype when we hear a song we love, and it is the best feeling in the world. Major scales bring positive moods, and the minor ones may make us feel a bit blue. No matter the scale, we are severely affected by the sound waves which our cognitive apparatus perceives as meaningful and that fill us with a specific emotion.

Therefore, if you want to get hyped during your exercise or before a game, make sure to play some music that will make you want to stand up and jump!

Music keeps the rhythm

When we exercise, we tend to follow the rhythm as we repeat each session. Rhythm is crucial since it makes our muscle memory learn faster. Therefore, make sure to always turn on some upbeat music and try keeping up with it.

Beware! If you are not experienced with exercise, there might be a problem with songs that have high BPM. Start with slower ones until you feel confident enough to switch to some genres that will make your limbs fall off.

Music increases work capacity

Concentrating on the melody and the beat rather than on the exercise or the game can have a significant psychological effect on our bodies and make us feel less tired. The thing is — feeling tired is often a matter of your thoughts rather than your body, and it often causes giving up without putting in 100% effort.

Music can change that, as it distracts your attention and makes you happier. Instead of thinking how tired you are, you would think how awesome a beat of a song is.

Music bonds people

Apart from bonding by dancing and playing music together, people can also bond by playing team sports while listening to music. Professional athletes often exercise together while repeating the same songs all over again. This enables them to create a unified team spirit and achieve better results.

One of the best examples of professional athletes bonding over music is the Brazilian soccer team. They often play some music native to Brazil, such as samba, and manage to build an unbreakable team spirit that often causes their outstanding performances.


Nothing bonds people better than music, and it’s been an integral part of every society that has ever existed on our planet. We depend on music much more than we are aware of and playing sports is one of the areas of our lives that significantly relies on music. Every person who likes to exercise would probably claim that music is one of the top three things that make them get out of bed and do some workout.