What Type of Music Should You Listen to When You Play Games?


Most games nowadays have great soundtracks which perfectly fit the theme and the genre of the game. However, players often want to try something different and get hyped with somewhat different playlists that would further enhance their gaming experience.

If you are not sure about what music genres are related to certain game genres, take a look at the list below. If you’re a fan of worldwide music shows such as Eurovision and even go as far as to bet on Eurovision, you can find tons of different music genres there that can entertain you while playing games. This is just my suggestion that works perfectly for me, but you can always try to make a list of your own and share it here. Read on!

Rock ‘n’ Roll for shooters

Both FPSs and TPSs somehow fit well with rock ‘n’ roll music. This is especially true for hard rock that was popular back in the 70s. Running around with a huge gun and listening to distorted riffs is a perfect combo which will inspire you to kill your enemies faster, stronger, and better!

If you really want to make a perfect mix, you should play Vietnam-based shooters and Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Epic metal for RPGs

RPGs are usually inspired by mythology and epic creatures that one can find in legends of various peoples around the world. Guess what? So is epic metal.

This music genre often features singing about mighty battles, dragons, heroes, and more. If the RPG you play is fast-paced, you will make a great combo with this music genre.

Rap for sports games

Sports and rap music fell in love a couple of years ago, and it seems that this relationship is still solid. Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA started the trend more than a decade ago, and it seems that rap music has become an integral part of these games.

However, the best sports games that should be combined with listening to rap music are NBA 2k franchise and EA Sports NBA. Basketball and rap are the two things common to the culture of African-Americans.

Jazz for Casino Games

Not every type of jazz works for playing casino games. However, the kind of jazz made in the 20s and the 30s is a perfect option that all casinos should get back to. It is often associated with swing and makes players feel glamorous and excited.

Classical music for strategy games

Classical music is a very broad term that spans over a couple of centuries, and some of the most popular strategy games often belong to the same era. If you manage to combine an RTS game from the 18th century with a classical masterpiece from that period, you are up for a great gaming experience.

It also works for futuristic strategy games as well. Listening to Mozart and other composers from the 19th century Vienna somehow makes me feel joyful when playing Red Alert or Starcraft.