Michael Jackson’s Legacy – Ten Years After


Michael Jackson was one of the world’s most talented singers, musicians and dancers. His moves are still copied by many dancers who never really seem to get that flair and fire right. Michael Jackson died in 2009 due to problems arising from medication overdose. He was given this medication as he had almost no sleep at all. His death was thought premature by so many people and rightfully so. 10 years after his death, what do we remember of Michael Jackson?

The Jackson 5 and Career Start

Michael Jackson started off in the Jackson 5, a family band, in 1964. He stayed with them for a while, and started recording his own stuff in 1972, but mostly with the help of his family. It took 5 solo albums for him to receive recognition as a solo artist. That he did, with the 5th album, called Off the Wall. The album was eventually sold over 20 million times.

In 1981 and 1983, Jackson was supposed to record songs with Freddie Mercury. The songs were released in 2014, even though they were never actually completed. There are two reasons for this – Jackson wanting to bring a llama into the studio and Freddie Mercury’s drug intake. These two things annoyed them and they never completed the project as it had been imagined.

Thriller and Bad

Jackson’s sixth album, Thriller, quickly became his best selling album. Released in 1982, it dominated the charts in 1983. It became the best-selling album in the United States, and later, the world, selling over 66 million copies. The songs from the album are his iconic ones, Billie Jean and Beat It. The latter featured Eddie Van Halen on guitar.

Following up, he took part in the USA for Africa, a charity single name We Are the World. The single raised a lot of money for the children of Africa. The single included a lot of artists.

In 1987, five years after Thriller, Jackson released Bad. The album was an instant hit. The Bad World tour earned Jackson a lot of money and broke the record for most attendees at the Wembley Stadium, 504,000 people over 7 shows.

The Later Years

Jackson’s career was still successful, despite not releasing an album which rivaled Thriller and Bad in sales. His last album, Invincible Man, still sold over 6 million copies, worldwide. He had frequent problems sleeping and was hospitalized multiple times either due to a torn muscle, irregular heartbeats and flu-like symptoms. He also suffered from a skin disorder called vitiligo. It is a pigment loss in patches of skin. In Jackson’s case, it was severe.

Michael Jackson will be fondly remembered as one of the best musicians, singers and dancers of our time.