The Best Internet Radio Stations for Music Lovers


Music is something we all love to listen to from time to time. Everyone has a band or artist they love listening to. Some prefer listening to classical music, others to rock. Taste is not going to be discussed here, but rather, where to find those artists you want to listen to, perhaps even something new.

Internet radios have been here for a long time, basically streaming music. It’s not like an actual radio, just like online lottery USA is not the same as the actual lottery, but many radio stations offer music streaming options. Here are the best of those internet radios.


It used to be but they had to change their branding. This is not just one radio, but a ton of them. When you click the channels button, you are greeted with everything from 80s rock, 80s hits, dance music, classical music, a channel devoted entirely to Mozart, and many more. Listening to the music is free, completely, though there are breaks where you have to listen to an advert. You also need to have an account, which is free, mind you. You can download their apps on the iOS and Android devices, but also get it from the Microsoft Store if you find the browser eating all your memory (looking at you, Chrome).

WWOZ 90.7 FM

This radio station is from New Orleans and it brings you something from its roots, jazz. Not just jazz, of course, but also soul and R&B. The station has its own frequency, but is also available on the iOS and Android devices, through applications. New Orleans is the cradle of jazz and this radio brings you closer to the roots, if you like jazz, that is.

WQXR 105.09 FM

A very famous radio station, coming to us from New York City. it’s one of the most popular radio stations in the United States and is gaining ground worldwide. Almost everyone has heard of it, at least everyone who is into radio music. They do not really pick genres that much, but rather offer a great deal of composers and artists, from many ages. They are available on the Android and iOS devices, as well as from the browser.


This is an online radio, which offers a lot of music genres for free. What makes them attractive is that they have top playlists. You can listen to plenty of music in a top 10 or top 100 format. They also offer trending artists and music in a top format. The radio is free to use and available through the browser or on Android and iOS devices through an application. They are also free, of course.

There are plenty of internet radios you can listen to, like the BBC World Service, ESPN Radio, Jazz Radio, the French one, TuneIn, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify and many more. The ones above, though, make their own case by offering high-quality music for free. Wherever you have an internet connection, you can enjoy your music.