10 Best Free Music Apps for Android and iOS


Nowadays, music – same as bonusnewjersey and many more things – is easier to enjoy than ever with the help of modern day mobile phones. App developers created some outstanding music apps, and this article includes my favorites. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you must give at least one of them a try!


Spotify can boast with a library of more than 30 million tracks. It is similar to a radio app if you’re using it for free, but comes with an option to pay for additional features wherein you create a custom playlist and save music to listen to when offline.


By entering the name of a song or a genre, Pandora will create a custom playlist for you. The app will refine its recommendations when you spend more time listening to a particular genre.


iHeartRadio has more than 850 channels across the United States and lets you listen to music and even podcasts and news. The app is free to use and has no adds, but there is a limit to how many songs you can skip per day.

YouTube Music

YouTube has an app specifically developed for music, and one of the best features of YouTube Music is its powerful search engine that will find your favorite song by searching for lyrics or even by describing its content.


SoundCloud does not host a lot of mainstream music, but it does let a lot of independent artists upload their stuff. The more you use it, the more customized the app will get, providing you with great songs based on your taste.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio app turns your smartphone into radio and lets you listen to 120,000 radio stations. You can listen to sports updates, news, podcasts, and music. By buying TuneIn Premium, you can listen to sports games, such as MLB, NFL and NHL.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is available on both Android and iOS and has the same function as other radio apps. However, their free plan does include a bit more ads.

Jango Radio

Jango hosts a variety of music and sometimes offers songs by artists who paid for them to be played. The app generates its revenue in that way, so it comes completely ad-free.


Deezer is one of the better music apps, and it presents you with great ways of discovering new music. It comes with both free and paid version.


Spinrilla is a good app if you are into hip-hop and trying to discover new artists. However, the free version of the app comes with intrusive ads that can potentially be annoying to people.


This is a small list of some of the most popular music apps. Hopefully, you can find your favorite one here in the same way I did!