What You Can Do For Upper Back Pain

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer working when I realized I hadn’t move from that sport for more than three hours. Suddenly this rush of aches, pains and stiffness ran over my whole back and especially into my shoulders. My head felt like it was being crushed in between a vice.  I knew that I needed an adjustment bad otherwise the pain would get worse. So I jumped on the phone right away and called my chiropractor at Apex Medical Group and scheduled an appointment for that afternoon. When I got there he examined my neck and shoulders and asked if I was stressed. I told him that I had a huge project that I was working on for a week and the deadline was at lunch today.

 He laughed and told me that my shoulders were burying my ears and I felt very tight and “locked-up”. I told him that I also had a headache and it seemed to get worse the longer I worked on my computer. He explained that as we sit (especially working on a computer) we tend to start to slouch. As we slouch the joints in our neck and upper thoracic compress down, the muscles tighten up and increase stress on both the joints and muscles causes increased pain. With the help of the adjustment and some exercises I felt like a million bucks after leaving his office.  You can find out more about this subject at ApexMedicalAZ.