What To Do About Cramps

Last night I was lying in a bed and went to stretch, one of those stretches from you finger tips to your toes, when suddenly I had massive cramp in my foot. The pain was so great that I jumped out of bed and was hopping around everywhere.  My girlfriend looked at me and asked what the hell I was doing? I told her that I had a cramp in my foot and it wouldn’t go away. Now I know most, if not all of us, have been apart of this very scene at least once in our lives. My question is what exactly is a cramp and how can I prevent them.  My chiropractor told me that cramps are involuntary, forceful and sustained muscle spasms in either one or multiple muscles for seconds and even minutes. 

The most common areas of occurrence include the calves, hamstrings, feet and low back, but all muscle can spasm and cramp.  There a number of causes of cramps that include but not limited to; inadequate stretching, muscle fatigue, low level fitness, overexertion (especially in intense heat), stress, electrolyte depletion, excessive sweating or dehydration.  You may see a lot of athletes going down with cramps in their legs when it is a hot day. Muscle spasms and cramps usually do not necessarily need specific treatment and usually go away on their own. Massage, stretching  and sometimes ice (for cramps) or heat (spasms) can help to alleviate the symptoms.  You can go here to find out more on the subject.