Types Of Batteries To Buy For Your Flashlight

There are many types of batteries that you can buy for your flashlight. One of the things that you need to consider is the power of the batteries. This is stated in form of MaH. The more batteries have in this power, the longer they will last. The Alkaline batteries are the first type we shall discuss. These are the common disposable batteries that we may all be aware of. They come in different sizes from AAA to size D. One of the advantages of these batteries is that they are cheap. They are readily available and as such, you may buy them in bulk since they get discharged easily. If you have the brightest flashlight that uses these types of batteries, then you should always carry extra batteries since they run out quickly in terms of charge.

The lithium battery is also common. They are superior to the alkaline batteries and they will last much longer than the alkaline batteries. These types of batteries will cost up to twice as much as the alkaline batteries. This could be one of their drawbacks.

Then there are the rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. These are batteries that can be recharged by use of electricity. They are good in that they can be recharged up to 500 times once they are discharged in your flashlight.