Three Tests To Determine Where The Lower Back Pain Is Originating From

So, you are suffering from lower back pain, right? Well, there is no need to hit the panic button, as there are millions of others who are suffering from this frustrating problem just like you. Let me tell you one thing straight and clear, you can get rid of lower back pain once you are able to find out where it is coming from. The source of pain is an important thing for you to find out, and you must find it out before taking any medication or physical treatment.

Lower back pain is a debilitating condition that bars you from enjoying your life. Activities that you used to do quite easily back in the day become undoable all of a sudden and the entire blame can be put on the lower back pain. So, if you want that normal life of yours back, then you have to find the root cause of pain followed by an effective back pain treatment.

Many people try several therapies, perform numerous stretches and various other methods to treat back pain, but all that go in vain because they are targeting the wrong areas. It is important to figure out the exact location from where the pain is originating in order to get rid of it. Lower back pain relief depends upon the determination of the source and the treatment process.

In this article, we are going to discuss a few tests that you can perform at home. These tests will help you find out as to where the pain is coming from.

Test No. 1 for lower back pain: Stand in front of a mirror and look yourself. Don’t force to come into a perfect position, but just stand in a relaxed fashion. If you see any postural difference in your body, then that’s the indication right there.

If you see one of your shoulders higher than the other or a gap between your arm and body, with one side’s gap bigger than the other, then there is certainly a problem.

Also, place your hands on the hips and feel if one hip is higher than the other. Your feet can tell a lot about your lower back condition. Your one foot will be straight while other won’t.

If you see such changes in your body, then there is a clear indication that there is something wrong going on with your back. There is a muscular aspect to your back pain, and you need to find it out.

Test No. 2 for lower back pain: Lie down on your back and slide your hand under your pelvis at the height where you put the belt. You will find that your hand is easier to slide on one side than the other. Your hand will be pressurized if your pelvis has been twisted. This clearly means that your pelvis has been misaligned.

Test No. 3 for lower back pain: In this, you have to lie on your back followed by raising one of the legs slowly and raise it as far as you can. Bring the leg down, and then repeat the process with another leg. You will find that raising one leg was easier than another, so here is the indication for you. Your lower back is not balanced and this is what causing the issue.

You need to take the help of a professional back pain specialist in order to get the right treatment. Back pain will aggravate at a fast pace so start the treatment as early as possible.