The Three Phases of Getting a Girlfriend

There are exactly three major phases every guy has to go through to get a girlfriend. These all are equally important and if he messes up one of them, he will have to start from the beginning, this time with another girl. Hence, he should know what he is doing, particularly if he meets his dream girl. These three phases are: 1) meeting her, 2) dating her, 3) starting a relationship with her. Let's go through all of them.

1) Meeting her. Whenever a guy sees a woman he likes, he first has to make her interested in him. This mean he has to be charming and interesting. He should not pretend to be someone else, nor should he worry too much about the outcome. Every man should know, that even if he messes up, there will always be other girls around, so to overly worry about it is just bad.

In the first phase he should just focus on getting to know her better and doing everything that he can, so she is ready to meet up with him again.

2) Dating her. In this phase a girl already needs to know about the man she is going out with. But this is also where the more intimate topics come up and where she will make up her mind whether she wants to get to know him better, or not. Here is where men should really make up their mind whether they want to go long-term with a girl or not.

But if they decide that she is the one, then they have to do everything to make her like them. This doesn't mean they have to start bragging or trying to impress her in any way, but actually where they have to open up and show her who they are.

3) Starting a relationship with her. This is the last phase but probably the hardest for most. In this phase, a man has to show her that he is long-term material. Someone whom she can trust and rely on. To do that, he has to show strength of character and sometime not even be afraid to disagree with her.

If everything goes well in this stage, both will want to start a relationship. Of course, every guy who gets into a relationship, should never slack off and still stay the same, strong and independent guy whom she met. There is also more information on this step in this course: Girlfriend Activation System.

These were the three stages of a relationship with a girl. Everyone who does them right, will enjoy a long and happy relationship. But like with everything, there is a lot of trial and error, so there is no need to get too discouraged by it.