The secret of 21 day diet

Three weeks diet plan is probably the best diet plan to help you lose weight like a pro. A lot of experts claim that people should adopt three weeks diet to lose weight because three weeks diet is a small goal for the long period.

However, how one person can know that how much weight he should lose in 21 days. Experts say that a 21 day diet is a diet where you must lose at least 5 pounds. Losing 5 pounds in 21 days is a remarkable achievement.

Anyhow, let’s discuss the steps you should follow to lose pounds in 21 days.

Make a calorie count chart

You must make a calorie count chart so that you would be able to count down the number of calories you are taking at a time. For instance, if you are going to take a 1,000 calorie plan in a day, then you must be able to know that which food contains how many calories.

Eat healthy fats

Perhaps, this is the most technical key where people are get confused because they try to avoid every type of fat. Nonetheless, the reality is that people should eat healthy fats because they provide energy to the body and essential vitamins.

In Summary, if you make a calorie count chart and eat healthy fats, then it is must that you’ll lose 5 pounds in 21 days.