Natural Ways To Reduce Acid Reflux And Heart Burn

I can remember the first time I experienced heartburn.  I was around 23 years old and had a pain in my chest that I could not even describe.  I went to my mothers house to ask her what she thought was wrong with me.  I told her I had a pain in my chest that felt like the air was stuck in my lungs, it felt like it hurt more when I took in a deep breath.  She thought maybe I bruised a rib, considering my dramatic description of pain and the small hypochondriac thought I was dying.   Dramatics aside, it turned out I had heartburn.  

For those of you who have never experienced heartburn it occurs when the ring of muscles that allow food into your stomach relaxes and allows acid from your stomach to come up back to your esophagus.   It basically is acid in your throat and causes you to feel that uncomfortable burning sensation in your chest.   Although there are over the counter medications you can take to help relieve and reduce heartburn, taking these medications over time can cause your body to become dependent on them and cause additional symptoms over time.   These medications are quick fixes, however there are natural ways to reduce heartburn.  
Watching your diet intake can have a large part in how much you may experience heartburn. Food that can are know to trigger heartburn can include spicy foods, foods high in citrus, coffee, alcohol, tomatoes, peppermint and garlic.  When you are experiencing heartburn there are somethings you can do naturally without having to go to the drug store.   Taking a spoon full of baking soda can help to relieve your heartburn.  Baking soda has a PH level of 7 and helps to neutralize the acid.   Getting adjusted with your local  San Deigo Chiropractor can also help with reduction of acid reflux and heartburn. When the nerves that help function the digestive system are uninterrupted they are able to help properly maintain digestion and reduce heartburn.  Many San Diego Chiropractors have seen reduction of patient who suffer from heartburn when getting adjusted on a regular basis.