Massage Tips – Ways To Improve Your Knowledge


Can you talk about a massage as you feel obliged to “amuse” the massage therapist? A buddy of mine said she did when she’d rather be silent. There aren’t any rules on conversing or not conversing.

Some folks are at ease by way of speaking. If you prefer to talk we do not mind in any way, but do not feel you must.

Many customers and therapists will participate a small conversation to “break the ice” but many customers will fall silent since the nurturing and tactile sensations cause a deep relaxed state.

Your therapist should promote this as the customer is going to have a deeper experience without diversion.

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Do not assume present or past medical conditions or operation isn’t relevant. They might not function but there are contraindications and precautions which have to be observed to make certain you have a safe massage.

We will need to learn about maternity, heart/blood pressure ailments, cancer, and spinal surgery, allergies to list a couple.

Eating Before massage

Do not have a massage right after a huge meal. You may feel uneasy lying prone and your energy will probably be occupied with digestion.

You need energy accessible to facilitate the removal of waste and toxins which are discharged during a massage in the increase in flow and lymph circulation

Increasing your water consumption following a massage will flush out the waste, toxins and lactic acid discharged and you’ll not be as inclined to be sore the next day in case you have had some profound massage done.