Why Manali Is The First Choice For Adventure Lovers

Those who love adventure can’t resist the temptation of seeing Manali. Manali is situated at an altitude of approximately 2050 m above the sea level. Not just the alpine scenery, the lush green woodlands, and the snow-draped lofty mountains lure the visitors but it’s a perfect selection for indulging in adventure sport.

There’s an immense scope for the activities like skiing, white water rafting, hiking, paragliding, bike tours, motorbike tours, camping and far more. Plan your next adventure trip with best and expert guides on Leh Bike Trip Preparation.

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Manali has much to offer that may keep your adrenaline gushing and because of this reason skiers, water rafters and gliders throughout the world like to throng this great haven. The lofty mountains of Manali are no lesser than a struggle for the many trekkers around the world. The icy cold water of River Beas provides an immense scope for water rafters.

Paragliding in Manali is essentially conducted either from Marhi (34 km from Manali) or by the gorgeous valley of Solangnala. This adventure game starts from the month of April and ends in November during snowfalls. Another adventure sports such as skiing and snowboarding are also coordinated at Solangnala since the valley gets the maximum snowfall and for that reason, it’s a hub for snowboarders and skiers.

River Beas in Manali is swarmed from the water rafters all around the world. Since Manali has something to offer for the adventure seekers so the bikers want not get disheartened. They may enjoy the bike excursions to the valleys like Ladakh and Leh.