Is Neck Pain Normal or Just Very Common

Neck pain is a very common issue.  In fact, it has become so common that quite a few people, if not the majority of people that get neck pain just think of it as normal.  I’ve actually heard a few people say that their neck is killing them, then when I asked them what happened, they say “nothing, it’s just normal.”  The thing is that neck pain is not normal.  It’s just very, very common.  I think that is likely due to the fact that most people these days, at least in the United States, works in front of a computer for a good portion of the day…and sometimes all day.

Sitting in front of the computer tends to cause your head to lean forward.  When that happens, it causes the natural curve in your neck to straighten out and puts a lot of pressure on the muscles in the neck and upper back.  My chiropractor told me that the posture where your head moves forward like that cause enough pressure on the neck muscle to cause you head, which usually weights eight to twelve pounds, to feel more like 36 pounds.  No wander the muscles in the neck get sore!  Personally, I go see my Chandler chiropractic office any time I start getting neck pain so it doesn’t progress.