How to reduce cortisol level to lose weight

If you are aware of the effects of the cortisol on your weight loss efforts, then you must find some ways to get rid of the cortisol so that you can lose weight easily. Studies have found several ways to keep the cortisol at bay.

You must add some ways into your 3weekdietreview to eliminate the cortisol from your body. Cortisol is released by the body when we become too much stressed or feel depression.

Typically, elevated cortisol levels are found in the women and this is the reason that women store extra fats around their bellies. Cortisol stores fats most of the times around bellies.


Meditation is appreciated by many experts to gun down the cortisol. Actually, you need to do is deep breathing. When you breathe deeply, your body gets a lot of oxygen and, in turn, you feel relaxed. When you feel relaxed, the cortisol levels are automatically decreased from the body.

Balanced diet

Eating balanced diet is another way to get rid of cortisol. Although there is no study available about this but still experts say that balanced diet can decrease the cortisol level from your body.

If you do meditation and eat a balanced diet, there is nothing that can disturb the cortisol level balance in your body.