Guide to buy your first pair of figure skates!

So you are a beginner to figure skating and are not sure if you should buy figure skates at this time. However you feel you are progressing fairly quickly, you have made it to freestyle levels. Now the big question is – should you stop renting and buy your own pair of figure skates.

If you enjoy figure skating, then you should own your own figure skates no matter what level you are. is a good source to buy different top brand ice skates and blades at reasonable price. This is because you progress so much faster with your own boots and you will probably enjoy skating even more. Rinks usually don’t sharpen their skates as often as they should. It might cost more to begin with to have your own skates, but you won’t have to keep paying for rentals, you will have your own skates that won’t smell like other people’s feet and if you get the right model, they should last you through all of group lessons. The questions below may be of concern to you:

1. What's the best kind of ice skate to buy?

2. What skating boot size do I get?

3. Do I need a figure skating bag to carry my skates in? Or Is it totally fine to fling my skates over my shoulders when I go to the rink?

4. Do I need to get soakers?

5. How long will it take me to break into them?

6. When do I have to sharpen them?

7. How do I take proper care for my ice skate?