All About Compound Or Stereo Microscope

Stereo inspection scopes are generally low power inspection microscopes specifically designed to supply a three-dimensional stereoscopic picture of specimens. They are great for use in industrial inspection, medical labs, educational observation, and dental laboratory work.

The advantage of purchasing new Stereo Microscope inspection scopes as against refurbished or used is that you would find the most recent technology. Some of the latest models of stereoscopes include:

  • Z2 Zoom stereoscopes
  •  Z2 Zoom trinocular stereoscopes
  •  Achiever and Paragon stereoscopes on 1×2, 1×3, 2×4 dual light stand
  •   Vision 1×2, 1×3, 2×4 stereoscopes

Purchase Premium Brands

New stereo review microscopes available, LW Scientific Achiever and Paragon are rather common.

The Achiever stereo microscopes ensure fatigue-free viewing. They offer crisp 3-D optics, dual fluorescent lighting, and large viewing area for inspecting and dissecting. To find out facts about spectroscopy, you can Checkout

The Paragon stereoscopes include wide-field optics which gather ambient lighting even without powered illumination. The pole mount base ensures flexibility and portability. A LED ring and fluorescent light options offer shadow-free illumination on uneven surfaces.

The new Z2 integrates CAD design methods and is intended to better the quality and clarity of any zoom microscope available today. The high point eye-pieces provide ergonomic comfort for users with glasses. The smooth and simple mechanical two-finger operation reduces hand strain and improves results. The Z2 is widely favored for industrial inspection or laboratory dissection.

Online Stores for the Latest Models

When you need to purchase new stereo inspection scopes for your lab research applications, among the best options is to look at online stores. As leading manufacturers of lab equipment offer stereo review scopes in a variety of versions, online stores enable you to select one to suit your specific needs.