Clean Water and Lake Erie



Clean water is important to everyone, especially those in Lake Erie. Lake Erie is just like anywhere else. Some people have clean water and use it properly. Some do not. Some like to think that the trick is to simply get clean water to Lake Erie and the rest will take care of itself. It's more complex then this. It's not just about obtaining the clean water in Lake Erie. The idea is to educate those in Lake Erie on how to use it properly. 

Here are a few tips to think over.

3 Tips On Ways To Get Clean Water To Lake Erie And Use It Properly

  1. clean water to Lake ErieYou have to start looking at your outdoor surfaces. I am talking about those hard surfaces. There is a lot of dirt and debris that can get mixed up in there. You can stop all of this by suing things like gravel and porous stones. These will help to keep your water clean.
  2. Your toilet bowl is not a trash can. Do not throw junk down your bowel. This will get into your sewage. Once this happens, your water is contaminated. 
  3. Do not pour hazardeous things down your sink either. This will add up. Only pour things that are meant to be poured down your sink. This will also add to the sewage. 

Getting clean water to Lake Erie is important to every resident. Please do your part.