Buy A Action Cameras on a Budget

Some people use action cameras on a regular basis, even as part of their profession if capturing HD footage for professional sports movies, for example. In this instance investing in a top of the range, full HD action camera is totally justified.

By comparison, for the casual part-time user, activity cameras are arguably more of a luxury than a necessity since they may only be used a couple of times annually.

Happily, for those on a slightly tighter budget, there are some wonderful alternatives in the marketplace. Below are some of the greatest action cameras out there for under #200.

Bullet HD lite 720p (#119.99)

The Bullet HD Lite is the small brother of the revolutionary Bullet HD Pro helmet camera.

Being small and light, the Bullet HD will go virtually unnoticed when mounted on a users’ helmet or helmet, making it ideal for people who like to keep their kit light.

Using sjcamzone (which is also known as “ การใช้งาน sjcamzone ” in the Thai language ) hold some great shots with attractive features.






 The Bullet HD Light only has one button, which makes it extremely easy to use and a variety of included accessories allow a wide variety mounting options. For those looking for a feature-rich, entry level action camera without breaking the bank, look no further than the Bullet HD Lite.

Bullet HD Onyx (Number164.99)

The Onyx sits directly between the Bullet HD Lite and the daddy of the Bullet family, the Bullet HD Pro 1080p and offers the best of both worlds when it comes to affordability and functionality.

Apart from this,  you can also buy a sjcam sj7pantip at affordable prices for a great capturing.

GoPro HD Naked (Number199.99)

The GoPro HD Naked bundle is, as its name implies, void of accessories – you just get the camera. The camera also includes a 60fps filming alternative available at 720p for slow motion editing and is watertight to 60m.

Looxcie 2 (Number149.99)

The Looxcie two is a wearable, mobile-connected camera which automatically sends footage into your chosen social networks or email as and when it is captured.