All About Pigeons Race

The simple way of putting it is all pigeon fanciers are members of an organisation which organises pigeon races.

The club has an HQ where all of the members choose their pigeons to enter them in the upcoming race.


Each member has a race entry form with all the metallic registration ring numbers on, when entered for the every pigeon includes a numbered rubber ring placed on its leg the number of the rubber is recorded on the entry form.


All the pigeons are then transported to the race start point, they are cared for by a race conveyer who after checking that the weather conditions are suitable will discharge all of the pigeons together.


Aside from this, You also chase the pigeons on the roof with easy tricks. If you want to chase the pigeons firstly check the location and place. Check out online websites If you want to know more about How to chase pigeons on the roof (which is also known as “วิธีไล่นกพิราบบนหลังคา “in the Thai language )

On it is returned to the house the owner removes the rubber ring and places it at a timing clock which locks the rubber in and also records the time it was entered.


Every pigeon loft has the distance from the race start point to his pigeon loft and this is used to calculate the rate that his pigeon has flown home at.


The race result is then issued with the maximum speed winning, the speed is the average rate measured in yards per minute.



The base of pigeon racing is the local club that covers the local area and usually has bounds that this club is normally part of a Federation that is a group of clubs.


The federation organises the races and arranges the transportation and is run by a committee composed of club agents who act in the best interest of all members.

Buy a High-Speed Roll Up Doors (which is also known as “ประตูม้วนไฮสปีด ” in the Thai language ) for pigeons protections which is very helpful for care of pigeons.


Following a race, every club secretary will send the club result into the federation and the federation secretary will compile a federation race result.


Some federation joins up to form a combination which works in the exact same way as the federation.


This is a form of betting where each fancier can bet on his own individual pigeons they just compete against other pigeons that have had stakes-placed on them. This where the vast majority of the money comes from.

One Loft Races

In this type of race, a fancier pays to send his young pigeon to a loft where it cared for by the loft manager who trains it along with all the other entries all of the training culminates in 1 race where all the entrances race back to one loft.